Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Thoughts 10/22/2008

13 days...thats how much time is left until we elect a new President of the United States. More than anytime that I can remember, this election has more future implications than ever before.

The economy is in the tank, the war in Iraq has reached and passed it's apex, and lots of people are worried about not only the immediate future but years down the road.

To be perfectly honest, I don;t think either John McCain or Barrack Obama are the "Man" to lead us out of the trouble we are in. It has literally come down two the "lesser of two evils" election. Truly, the American govermental system needs an overhaul. The voice of the people has been silenced, our vote does not insure anything anymore.

I wish there was a candidate on some level that would finally come out and say "I would love to promise lower taxes, better health insurance, and new jobs for everyone...but honestly it is out of my control. I can only do what my fellow Congressmen/Senators will allow to go through. I will do the best that my God given abilities allow me to do"

Imagine how that would shake up the political establishment!!
The World Series starts tonight and it will be a ratings juggernaut...NOT.
Philadelphia and Tampa one at the beginning of the season would have picked this as the World Series. Personally I am happy (would only be happier if the Brewers were in it). You don't have the cash happy monsters of the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs and Dodgers in it...but best of all two former Brewers are in the Fall Classic.

Geoff Jenkins who toiled on miserable teams in Milwaukee for a decade is now on the Phillies. Gabe Gross who was ostracized for having Mercy Me as his "entrance" music is on the Rays. Couldn't happen to two nicer guys. I only met Geoff Jenkins twice, but have a great memory. It was 2000, and my oldest daughter Mia was about 18 months old. Geoff was doing an appearance at Sentry. I have a great picture of him holding Mia in his lap. He was kind, cordial and a great example of a friendly athlete.

As a Christian, I immediately gravitated to Gabe Gross as a ball player. He wore his faith on his sleeve and was proud to admit he is a follower of Jesus Christ...but of course the jaded media in this town (namely certain sports talk guys who work for a company that just fired a friend of fine) would ridicule him and make fun of him everytime Mercy Me's "I Can Only Imagine" blared over the Miller Park sound system.

Though only one will walk away with a World Series ring, I wish both Geoff Jenkins and Gabe Gross the best in the fall classic
Fall is quickly taking a swing towards winter as the dreaded for letter word of Wisconsin hit weather reports for Sunday...SNOW. Having lived here for 99% of my life, it should not come as a shock, but every late October/early November it does hit me like a frozen snowball between the eyes.
Seems just like yesterday we were basking on the 70's, sun, shorts and lawn chairs. Now as I am waiting for the leaves to finally fall of the maple tree in my backyard I have to think about getting the snow blower tuned up before the first "Big One" on the season comes.

On that note...Halloween is right around the corner (Trick or Treat in Milwaukee is this Sunday). Don't bother coming to my house, because we will not be handing out candy. Couple of thoughts for Trick or Treat:
1. If you are over the age of 10, you better have an actual costume on if you are going trick or treating. I am not talking about the $3 mask and a pillow case.
2. Parents...don't just drop you van load of kids in a neighborhood you don;t know to Trick or Treat. I Hate That (disclaimer...yes I do take my kids elsewhere, but it is neighborhoods where we have family) I can guarantee the 4 or 5 car loads of kids I have seen don't know anyone in our neighborhood.
3. STOP HANDING OUT THE BLACK AND ORANGE PEANUT BUTTER CANDIES. We didn't like them 30 years ago, why would kids now like them???