Friday, April 4, 2008

Has spring finally arrived?

April 4th...temperatures are up, the roar of the crowd from Miller park and tulips are blooming at must be spring now.

This has been a tough winter. I am not one of those people that typically complains about winter in Wisconsin. I have lived her for 36 of my 38 years, and I really do love the four seasons. This year took a toll on me.

Seemed like every time we turned around, Mother Nature was punching us in the gut with another round of snow. Thankfully I was not in town for the last big blow on Good Friday.

I am happy to see spring is a season of renewal...all things start new again. The birds chirping in my yard, the little animals scurrying for food, the brown grass will turn to green, the buds on the trees will become leaves and everything else will be in bloom.

I got a taste of it over the Easter week with a trip to the south. It is amazing after months of snow, and tons of drab colors on the landscape, the vibrant green of the grass and trees really hits you.

Yeah spring will mean having to cleaning the garage, reseed the lawn, cut the grass, pull weeds and all the fun things a homeowner gets to do...but it will be well worth it. Just remember folks, winter is only 7 months away!!