Monday, March 10, 2008

End of an era, Part 3

Time to close yet another chapter in this first part of 2008.

Over the past 10 weeks I have had the privilege of coaching two great teams for Upwards basketball at my church, Spring Creek. The Lady Hawks and the Boilermakers were made up of some great young boys and girls that have created some great memories for me.

Juggling WLC basketball and two Upwards teams was a challenge for me, mainly from a scheduling aspect, but the time and effort were more than worth it. While these kids and their parents thought they gained the most out of it, I believe that I did as a person and as a Christian.

Through working with these great kids, I realized the importance of letting kids be kids, something that has really gotten away from me as a father over the past few months.

I loved watching some of my younger players step from being uncertain in their abilities at the beginning of the season to being confident and string in what they were doing at the end of the season.

While Upwards is geared towards not worrying about wins and losses, it was always great seeing the reactions of the players when the final horn would sound and we would be on the winning end. For my boys, the Boilermakers, that came a lot in the beginning, but not so much at the end (expect for the 2nd to last game with a big 39-18 win)

My girls, the Lady Hawks rolled off five straight wins at the end of the season, including a huge season finale against a team that was stacked with talent.

While it was tough walking away from the WLC basketball season, seeing the end of Upwards basketball season really pulls at my heart. This will be the final time I will see many of these boys and girls, even if they return next season. I have grown to love each of these kids, for all their different talents and abilities.

It truly is a humbling experience as a coach watching your players go out on the floor and succeed in the things you have taught then through out the short season! Even the simplest little things would bring a smile to my face.

Too all my kids (and the parents) THANK YOU for a wonderful season. I am truly sad that it is over. It has been a pleasure to be a part of your children’s lives over the past 10 weeks!

Now it’s time for the beginning of a new era….no more ends!

Monday, March 3, 2008

End of an era Pt 2

Friday and Saturday came and went...with the best possible outcome.

The Wisconsin Lutheran College Warrior women over came injury and adversity through out the season and gelled together to win the NAC Conference tournament championship on Saturday night in front of the home crowd.

It was a great night for me, as the broadcaster, having watched this team all season long. Though I am not on the court with them, I became overwhelmed with emotion as the final seconds ticked off the clock and I was able to announce "the Warriors are the Northern Athletics Conference Tournament champions"

Don't get me wrong...this is nothing about's about these talented young women that work for months, while still being students, to play a game they love. I was proud to see women that I have grown to respect walk away with a well earned accolade.

More so for our two graduating seniors, Breanne Duebner and Emily Laete...who get to do what most athletes don't. go out as winners. No matter the outcome of Saturday's game, Bre and Emily would have walked off winners regardless. There tireless work ethic, leadership and love for what they do not only propelled the Warriors to the championship, but has left a legacy for the players that will be here next season.

To Emily and Bre, I love you both, have enjoyed watching you play and will miss you immensely next season.
More random thoughts....
*Is it spring yet??? It is not March and I still fee there is no end in sight. I love the 4 seasons (five if you include construction season), but this winter has taken a toll on me.

*I am irritated with Milwaukee sports media...the areas most successful sports team, The Milwaukee Wave indoor soccer team, gets absolutely no respect in Milwaukee. During one news cast on Sunday night (station withheld to protect the not-so-innocent) they talked about the Bucks (twice), Brewers for 3 minutes (which I am OK with), NASCAR, more NBA and of course Brett favre's Tractor Watch...but no mention of the Wave's 17-4 win at home.
Coming off a couple of days where the legend of Milwaukee soccer, Michael King's retirement announcement made headlines, the Wave has fallen into the abyss once again.