Monday, November 10, 2008

Difficult times all around

Seems like that is all we are hearing about nowadays...everyone is having difficult times. The nation's economy is in the tank, companies are recording multi-million and billion dollar losses, corporations are filing for bankruptcy, shutting down stores, factories, even entire divisions.
People are getting laid off or fired everywhere...personally I know of at least a dozen people who have been effected over the past month or so (Thank God it has not been me so far)
The mantra we have heard over the past few months has been "We need change"...but honestly the change needs to start at home first. Personal change needs to happen before we ask for everyone else to change.

I am going through that right a still "baby Christian" (less than 3 years since I dropped to my knees)...trying to make positive changes to my life. It continues to be a struggle as I have let many things on the outside effect me.
Thankfully I have a strong and supportive wife, and excellent church family and some great people I can turn to, that have helped me in this journey.

Was watching part of Evan Almighty today (love Steve Carell) and early on in the movie, his mantra (as he was running for Congress) was "Change the World". Looking at it from my perspective, we all CAN change the world, but it has to start with changing ourselves first. Don't expect everyone else to change if you are not willing to do it yourself.