Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moment of Transparency

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Season of renewal

Well we just came off the most beautiful day we have seen in Milwaukee for about 4 months...75 degrees, sunny, absolutely perfect. Brought a sense of renewal to many in the area (unfortunately too many people were in a drunken stupor because of St. Patrick's day to enjoy it fully)

This is the time, on the Christian calendar, that we are preparing for the greatest 3 day weekend...the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Talk about the ultimate in seasons of renewal. In one quick 3 day weekend over almost 2,000 years ago, the sacrifice of the Son of GOD brought us eternal renewal.
Admittedly, as a father of four young children, we do the ritual of the "Easter Bunny" with egg hunts, baskets of goodies, etc...but we also instill in our children what the TRUE meaning of Easter is all about.
God sacrificing His only Son, in such a painful horrific manner, allowing each of us to become part God's Eternal family. All we have to do is give up our lives and live for Christ..show our love for Him and he will love us through eternity.

It saddens me to think how many people will miss out on this because of their beliefs or lack there of. Living a life for Christ is not easy, but it is not meant to be. We are expected to profess our faith, to live a life that is honoring of God..though many (myself included) do not do that well enough.

I will be the first to admit to the whole world...I am lacking as a follower of Jesus Christ. I am not doing all that I can, all that I should. My short falls are massive. But I am taking steps every single day to improve, to be better, to show my love and honor for what God has given me.

I think of the story of Arthur Blessit, a man who literally traveled to every country on earth, carrying a 12 foot cross to share the word of God. 40 years he spent walking all around the world, being ridiculed, threatened, jailed and even placed in front of a firing squad. That's what I call having full faith in God. A movie documenting his travels comes out March 27th and I full intend to go opening weekend to see it.

A question I ask of you (and of myself) "What are you doing to honor God, to live your life to praise Him"? I plan on taking time over the next few days to ponder this and humble myself with the answers.

Another movie I encourage you to see, either for the first time or again, "The Passion of the Christ" Forget about some of the stupid mistakes Mel Gibson has made...this movie will stir you, will humble you and will change you. I still remember the first time I saw it, with a group of pastors. It was the first movie I can remember where people walked out speechless, in utter awe of what was portrayed.

I yearn for the day I can share this movie with my children (my oldest turns 10 in may but I think she may still be too young for it). If you have not seen the "The Passion of the Christ", I encourage you to see it before Easter.

In case any of you are wondering...yes I am still working on my "40 day challenge" reading though "the Purpose Driven Life". I am behind but hope to catch up by end of this Sunday. It comes down to prioritizing my my which has always been one of my biggest weaknesses.