Thursday, April 30, 2009

Social Media for Small Business...should we do it?

Social media has become the new “must-do” for businesses around the country, but the question still stands “is it worth while for small business”

As someone that has worked with small to mid sized businesses for the past three years, I believe that mainstream social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are excellent methods of promotion, if used correctly.

Is this perfect for every small business? Like many tools the quick answer is NO. Much of depends on the type of business you run and the people you are trying to reach out to.

The benefit of social media is it is free and extremely low risk for businesses to get involved in. There is the initial time commitment of getting accounts started up (Face book takes a little longer with logos, pictures and basic content), but it’s free.

Every small business should at least be open minded about the possibility of being involved in social media. Do you want to be the business that is left behind while you competition is out promoting to your potential customers? It’s like letting your competitor market their business right outside your front door.

Not sure about how it all works? Think Twitter and Facebook are just for the 18-24 demographic? Confused about the whole social media world? The best thing to do is talk to people that use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media program (whether for personal or business) and find out how they like them, their opinions and suggestions.

As I mentioned earlier…it costs you nothing to get started. Follow companies like @blatzliquor @DelafieldHotel and @footprints4you in Milwaukee (all on Twitter) to see what they are doing.

If you want to learn more about delving into social media, my company K6 Marketing specializes in social media for small businesses. Having worked the past 3 years with smaller businesses as part of a radio trade marketing program, I understand the challenges that small businesses face when trying to market today. Send me your questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The immediate future

Today marks the beginning of the first full week of this new venture of trying to find a new job. I will admit I did not place too much of a sense of urgency the past few days on getting into a new career. Mainly because I was letting it settle in, but also because I wanted to take care of a few matters.

Now that Sunday morning has arrived, it is time to put the focus on moving forward. The big challenge is determining which direction I want to go in. I have spent the better part of 15 working in radio, something I have loved doing. Now comes the opportunity to move in a new direction, both by choice but also necessity. Media is a great industry to work in when things are good, but this past year or so has been tough.

I saw a number of good people lose jobs in early 2008 when The Fish/Word in Milwaukee was sold. Another friend lost his job last fall and still has not landed another radio job (he should never have been let go). Personally I have been let go from radio stations in Milwaukee 4 times, most times because of budget reasons.
Radio is not the only industry it's happening in, but I have had enough of it.

The popular questions I have been fielding "What are you going to do next?" and ""What do you want to do?" My answer for both...I am still trying to figure that out.
I have left the next step in the hands of God, which has floored quite a few people that I am stepping into this new journey with 100% faith. Am I free of worry? Certainly not...but I know the Lord is going to care for me and my family.

To honestly answer the question of what I will do next, what I want to do...I love communications and marketing. I am either going to try to hook-up with a marketing company or take the leap and head out on my own and start my own marketing business.
I have a passion and heavy interest in Social Media and see a major need for smaller companies to get on board this new media to promote and market their businesses.

I will keep everyone posted...feel free to comment here or email me at

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One chapter ends, a new one begins

Well this is one I was hoping to hold off on for a few months, but it was not meant to be.
Tuesday April 21 (4 days shy of my 39th birthday) marks my last day with Saga Communications, a company I have been with for 3 years. My job (along with another) have been eliminated due to the economy, budgets and consolidation.
Let me say right here at the beginning...I hold no ill feelings towards the company, my GM, the employees, etc. This was nothing personal, it was 100% business.

This is not the first time this has happened to me and I am sure it will not be the last in my career. It is a challenge I need to face, with my family.

The main thing I am taking away from this, and I hope you all do the same, is that everything that happens is not on our time table, but on God's. We all must trust Him to guide us, provide for us and LOVE us.

Will it be easy?? NO! How long will it take before I find a new job? Only God knows.
I do know that no matter how tough things will get, I will still keep my full faith in Him. It's the only thing I can do.

I know there are some of you out there reading this that are going through the same thing, or maybe have health issues, marital problems, troubles with your kids, etc. Just remember that God does not give us more than we can handle...with Him!

The storm is always worst before it ends...and I know this one is just beginning.

I promise to keep all of you updated on what is happening with career, family, etc.
If you want regular updates please follow me on Twitter (

Thanks much and we'll talk soon!