Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jobs, life and the future

Well  I have pretty much neglected my blogs for the past 6 months, focusing heavily on other avenues of social media. I want to take a few minutes to update some things, as well as share some opinions.
Update on job search
Sadly 2012 has continued my struggle (like so many others) for employment. I have put together a few freelance opportunities, which I am extremely thankful for, but the search for full-time employment continues.

Since 2005 I have said "I must be blacklisted somewhere" because finding employment in the areas that I am most passionate about...opportunities have been non-existent. Not sure who I pissed off where, but it seems like there is a black mark against me somewhere and I'm not sure how to over come that.

I'm hard working, passionate about what I do and will give everything I have for a company. Seems like being a family man has worked against me, but I am sorry my faith and family come before anything else!

If your company is looking for someone that is passionate (there's that word again), is experienced in media, marketing, sales, social media and promotion...then I am your guy. Contact me directly at

Ohana Consulting

As a follow-up, in May 2011 following leaving the Milwaukee Wave, I ventured out on my own with Ohana Consulting. The focus of Ohana started as helping small businesses reach out via social media to build their brand awareness and act as an addition to "traditional" marketing.

Social media marketing has become the hottest area of the marketing industry, and a tough nut to crack for a small business starting out. Comapnies and agencies of all shapes and sizes are pushing to be the "end all be all" for social media marketing. This was never my intention.

Much like when I was working in sales, it is more about the service provided, making sure that the businesses and groups I work with are getting exactly what they contracted me for. First and foremost...THE TRUTH.

This has not been enough as everyone now wants all the bells and whistles, elements of social media that sound sexy but in all honestly only work for a small segment of the business world. Integrity is more important to me that sales quotas, inflated numbers and broken promises.

Through it all I will continue to plug away, one partner at a time, to make my dream of what Ohana Consulting can be come true.


Despite the rough going we have had since April 2011, I still consider myself a blessed man. In February we welcomed Jonah into the world, making our family lucky number 7. I have 5 beautiful healthy kids that are all unique and talented in their own ways.

I have an amazing wife of 16 years that supports me through this transitional time for me...and is the glue that holds our family together.

God has blessed me with a couple of true friends that I can count on 100% when I need them...but I would also give anything for them!

This past 18 months have been the hardest we have ever faced as a family, but I know that the Lord will continue to provide for us...and will rain His favor down on us in His timing, not when I seek it or ask for it.

The Future

What does the future hold for me? I have no idea. I know that there is a new adventure waiting for me...just waiting on when it will present itself.

I will continue to be the person I have been...outgoing, dedicated, faithful...that will never change. Where this takes me I will have to wait and see.

All I know is...I will be an asset to whomever will take me, I will leave my mark wherever I go...and as the great WWE HOFer had one one of his shirts "You can't kill what you did not create!"